I started my journey in design through my Master's at UC Berkeley, and have since been finding ways to bring both delight and functionality into my work.

Empathy is the cornerstone of my design philosophy. I believe that to create solutions that truly meet users' needs, it is essential to empathize with their perspectives, challenges, and emotions.

In the pursuit of optimizing workflows and fostering collaboration in my last role, I also stumbled upon Design Ops. I love the intersection of people and processes, and creating an environment where designers can thrive and collaborate seamlessly.

Previously, I worked in research operations for a healthcare policy research firm, which set a solid foundation for my drive to improve system efficiency and optimize processes.

↘ What sets me apart

I thrive in team settings.

At LendingClub, I initiated and led the Design Operations part of the workflow for the team and invested in building relationships with cross-functional partners whenever I could.

I learn fast and are comfortable with ambiguity.

Working in the fintech industry often involved dealing with complex and ambiguous situations. I’m always excited to learn about new industries and the unique challenges that come with them.

I care about the big picture as much as the fine details.

I’m not afraid to ask “whys”. In fact, it’s very important for me to know the strategies behind each project, which helps inform my decision making.

Previously crafting the future of banking and leading design ops at LendingClub, I'm currently open to new opportunities.

Copyright © 2024 All rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2024 All rights Reserved.