In-app Pay & Transfer Experience

In-app Pay & Transfer Experience

Formerly solely a loan company, LendingClub ventured into banking after acquiring Radius Bank. Today, the platform caters to both loan and banking customers, facilitating loan origination, payments, deposits, and various financial transactions. With a shift towards prioritizing mobile accessibility, it's crucial to provide an integrated in-app experience for all customer segments.




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Loan users are currently unable to make loan payments within the mobile app, but instead getting redirected to mobile web, resulting in a disjointed experience. While users can transfer money and make deposits under the "move money" tab, they cannot make payments for their loans, causing inconsistency in available features.

How might we enable loan users to seamlessly make payments within the mobile app, eliminating the need for redirection to mobile web and ensuring consistency in available features, particularly regarding money movement functionalities?


• Optimize the mobile app to seamlessly integrate loan payment servicing, currently only accessible via mobile web, into the platform while ensuring consistency with existing money movement features
• Implement clear and intuitive action buttons dedicated to loan payments to enhance user experience and streamline the payment process for loan customers.

Previous user flow (loan payment)


LendingClub is a fintech company that underwent digital transformation following its acquisition of Radius Bank. It expanded its offerings to include traditional banking products alongside loan services. With a focus on meeting the increasing demand for mobile financial management, LendingClub is leveraging the acquisition to prioritize mobile-first and cloud-based solutions.

Currently, the mobile app only supports the banking origination and servicing, as well as partial loan servicing. More and more customers are looking to be able make their loan payments directly on their mobile app.

Previous user flow (move money)

Generating Insights from Research

Through speaking with our current loan members, we noticed that many of the users would click on "Move Money" tab hoping to make loan payments, but ended up only discovering functions available to deposit account customers.

To summarize,

1) Loan users feel confused that the current native app platform only accommodates deposit customers

2) Customer support receive tickets asking if “Move Money” tab can include loan payment almost on a daily basis

3) Competitor apps that offer a unified "Move Money" tab generally receive positive feedback from users for their simplicity and ease of use.


Create an integrated money movement feature for both money transfer and loan payment functionalities, within the app, that follows the new design system guideline

User Flow

Final Designs


The final design was developed and implemented that helped improve cross selling opportunities and increase user engagement and satisfaction


Total users impacted

Total users impacted

Total users impacted


Total transaction volume

Total transaction volume

Total transaction volume


Through working on this project, I learned that consolidating features under a single tab can offer convenience and streamline the user experience, but it must be balanced with clarity and ease of use. While innovation in design can be beneficial, it's essential to balance it with users' existing mental models and expectations.

Previously crafting the future of banking and leading design ops at LendingClub, I'm currently open to new opportunities.

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